Address Update for Assessment Payments

FirstService Residential’s address for mailing physical assessment payments has changed!

Please note that effective 11/1/21 the address for remitting assessment payments will change. If you pay your assessment via check, money order, or via your bank’s online bill pay system, please update the mailing address to:

PO Box 30354, Tampa, FL 3360-3354

If you accidentally paid this month using the old address, do not fret as it will automatically be forwarded to the new address and will do so for the next couple of months.

This new address will be reflected on your November 2021 assessment statement. Please use the remittance to mail your check or money order to the new mailing address.

If you utilize your bank’s online bill pay system, please ensure that you log into your account and update the payee information to reflect the above. Please also take a moment to ensure your account number is correctly reflected in the bill pay system. Your assessment statement will contain an 8-digit access number that is your bill pay account number. This account number will ensure proper and timely processing of your payment.

Please contact our Customer Care Center at (800) 428-5588 should you have any questions.