Clean Up After Your Pet

Throughout the Talega Neighborhoods residents are allowing their dogs to leave their waste on neighbor’s lawns, parkways, sidewalks, and in the neighborhood pocket parks.

Whether it is you or your children walking your dog, please have the courtesy of picking it up and disposing of it properly. It takes two minutes. Not only does it create a smelly mess, there are many contagious diseases in a pet’s fecal matter that can be spread to other animals and humans. If you assume that it’ll just “wash away in the rain’ the rain flows to the storm drain system and will discharge directly into the ocean, not only making the water unsafe for swimmers, but decreasing oxygen levels, leading to algae blooms and fish die-off. 

If you witness someone doing this please have a friendly conversation with them and If it is child, just remind them or have a friendly conversation with the parents.

Please do the neighborly thing. Clean up after your dog.