Common Area Landscape

In recent months there has been a dramatic uptick in the number of residents that have “trimmed” common area trees or create “pathways” through landscaped areas.

All landscaped areas throughout Talega are dedicated open space common areas per the Grant Deeds, and as such are owned and maintained by the Talega Maintenance Corporation.  The development agreements with the county and now transferred to the City of San Clemente require that all trees on the slopes and in the common areas above, below and beside your homes be maintained and replaced as necessary in perpetuity.

Because views are not protected by the Talega governing documents and the trees are a valued asset of the greater community, they are only trimmed as necessary to promote the health of the trees and surrounding landscape and not for views. 

Non-authorized entry onto these restricted use open space common areas is trespassing and any trimming of trees or removal of plant material constitutes vandalism.  The State of California is committed to the development and support of urban forestry and to that end provides for treble damages when seeking restitution from a damaging party.  This means that the resident illegally trimming trees would be liable for triple the amount of the cost to replace the damaged tree with exact like and kind. 

Homeowners, residents and their gardeners are never given permission to trim common area trees and landscape.

Please report all illegal tree trimming to Talega Management at 949.361.8466.