Talega Swim and Athletic Club

 100 Calle Altea, San Clemente, Ca. 92673
OFFICE HOURS:  9:00 am – 5:00 pm DAILY
(Closed from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm for lunch on weekends)
(Please come before 4:30 pm for new access cards.)

New Homeowners:
To obtain your pool access FOB(s) or vehicle gate equipment, please bring your photo I.D. and settlement statement (hud-1) or recorded grant deed to the T.S.A.C. Clubhouse (address above). If the previous homeowner left keys or gate equipment for you, please bring those with you to the Talega Swim & Athletic Club anytime Monday – Friday from 9;00 am to 4:30 pm.

You may find the “Non-Gated Community Member Registration Form” and the “Gated Communities Membership Registration Form” in the Homeowner Portal or get them from the TSAC office.

Residents Renting a Home:
To obtain your pool access FOB(s) or vehicle gate equipment, the homeowner on the title must first fill out the Membership Registration form and have indicated that there will be renters in the property. The form has (2) sections that need to be completed.

Section 1: Top portion is only for the registered recorded homeowner/landlord to complete with their information. We will accept fax an e-mailed copy but it MUST be legible and accompanied by a copy of the photo ID for the homeowner/landlord.  (If there is a property management company involved, please contact the office for additional instructions at (949) 361-8466

Section 2: Tenant portion of the form to be completed only after the first section has been completed by the homeowner/landlord. This section to be completed in the presence of a TMC staff member and a photo ID will be verified.

If the homeowner/landlord has any transponders, and key fobs, etc. they are to bring those in with them or have the tenants bring them into the office along with the completed form, and a fully executed current lease agreement.  If we already show the max amount of access cards issued to the homeowner and they are lost, payment to replace them is required by check and/or credit card for $25 each. No refunds.

You may find the “Rental Property Membership Form” in the Homeowner Portal or the TSAC office.

Pinnacle or Mendocino Renters:
To obtain your TMC access FOB, please bring a photo I.D. and a copy of your fully executed current lease agreement reflecting the start and termination date of your lease.

All forms are available at TSAC Swim & Athletic Club.