Budget & Finance Committee

The Budget & Finance Committee helps advise the TMC Board of Directors in developing, adopting, and managing an annual budget that is fiscally sound and reflects funding priorities set forth by the Board of Directors.

If you are interested in contacting or volunteering for the Budget & Finance Committee, please email TALEGA@ciramail.com

Event Committee

Gather input and feedback from the residents pertaining to the community events to analyze and make recommendations to the TLC Board of Directors regarding the type of events, etc. that are most beneficial to the community while accomplishing the Board’s objectives. Bring a level of caring, community spirit by involving more residents in the event process through volunteering their time and talent in the planning, execution, and analysis of the events.

If you are interested in contacting or volunteering for the Event Committee, please email Talegalc@ciramail.com

Landscape Committee

To advise and assist the TMC Board of Directors in preserving and enhancing the physical landscape environment of Talega, and to ensure ongoing consistent maintenance of all landscaping.

If you are interested in contacting or volunteering for the Landscape Committee, please email TALEGA@ciramail.com

Enforcement Committee

Review violations, help conduct hearings with homeowners and provide guidance on important homeowner matters in accordance with TMC’s Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions,

If you are interested in volunteering on the Enforcement Committee, please contact TALEGA@ciramail.com

Design & Review Committee

Review proposed improvements for aesthetic purposes and recommend approval or denial to the TMC Board of Directors according to the Architectural Guidelines.

If you are interested in contacting the Design & Review Committee or volunteering, please email TALEGA@ciramail.com

Delegates Committee

Disseminate and/or solicit information from the homeowners in your neighborhood. Provide clarification as to what TMC and its representatives are authorized to undertake under the TMC legal documents.

If you are interested in contacting or becoming a Talega Delegate, click HERE.

Eligibility and Qualifications: Any bona fide resident in good standing of the Talega community is eligible to serve on the committee. Members not in good standing are not eligible to serve. While there are no specific qualifications required to serve on the committee, some background and experience is desirable. Equally important, however, is the ability to look beyond one’s personal perspective, balance differing viewpoints within the committee and community, and make decisions that will best benefit TMC as a whole.

No more than a single member of any of the designated neighborhoods within Talega may serve on the committee at the same time and no more than one member of the committee may be appointed from a community with a recognized sub-association. Exceptions to this policy may be made by the board to allow for training of overlapping members or times of difficulty finding qualified new members. This limitation does not apply to any committee member who is elected to the Board of Directors.

Committee members serve in a voluntary capacity at the pleasure of the board and receive no compensation for their services.

No member may serve on more than one (1) committee concurrently.