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The Clubhouse

Talega’s Clubhouse features a large Club Room and a smaller Terrace Room, both of which are available to homeowners only to rent for private functions. The Clubhouse also features a sitting room with a fireplace, a TV room, and a catering kitchen facility. By calling the clubhouse, you may reserve the fireplace room and TV room during the day for small meetings.

The Terrace Room primarily holds all of Talega’s programs. Talega homeowners may rent this room to host cub scout, girls scout meetings as well as personal parties with a capacity of 32 people.

TSAC Access Fobs

New or replacement fobs are issued at the Talega Swim & Athletic Club, 7 days a week from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.


To obtain your TMC pool access FOB or vehicle gate equipment, please bring your photo I.D. and settlement statement (hud-1) or recorded grant deed to the T.S.A.C. Clubhouse. If the previous homeowner left keys or gate equipment for you, please bring those with you to the office. 


To obtain your TMC access FOB(s) or vehicle gate equipment, the homeowner on the title must first fill out the Rental Membership Registration form, provide a copy of the current executed lease agreement, photo I.D. If Property Management is involved, please have them contact the office at (949) 361-8466.


To obtain your TMC access FOB, please bring a photo I.D. and a copy of your fully executed current lease agreement reflecting the start and termination date of your lease.


Key Fobs: Residents obtain their first 2 key fobs for free. Residents at the Mendocino and Pinnacle apartments only receive 1 fob. If lost, it will be a $25 replacement fee per fob.

Gate Transponders: Residents in a gated community obtain their first 2 gate transponders for free. If lost. it will be $25 replacement fee. with I.D. verification needed. If residents are looking to have additional transponders beyond the original 2, TMC require vehicles registration for all vehicles reflecting the Talega address.

All forms are available at the Talega Swim & Athletic Club and in the Owner/ Resident Portal. Please call the Talega Swim & Athletic Club at (949) 361-8466 for questions.

Talega Pool Facilities

Living in Talega you have access to three pool facilities. Talega Swim and Athletic Clubhouse (Resort pool, Lap pool, and a Splash-n-play). The second pool facility is the Saluda Lap Pool and is located at 380 Calle Saluda. The third pool facility is the Tierra Grande Recreation Pool and is located at 401 Camino Tierra Grande. The Lap pools are 25 yards.

Pool Hotline: (949) 361-8466

Pool Hours: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Pool Temperatures:  Recreational 81-84, and Lap pools (79-82)

The Recreation/Resort pool is heated April – October.
Tierra Grande Pool is heated April – October.
The TSAC Lap pool is open and heated year-round.  
Saluda Pool is open and heated year-round.

With the swim season here, please take a moment to review the following pool & safety rules and practices with your children:

Pool Reminders

  • Please do not drop your children off at the Swim & Athletic Club if they are under the age of 14. They are NOT allowed in the pool area unless accompanied by a parent or adult (over the age of 18)
  • During the summer months, pool monitors are scheduled.  The primary function is to ensure the well-being of Talega residents and guests and to enforce the TMC policies.
  • As you gather with family and friends for a fun-filled day at the pool, remember that each home is permitted a maximum of five (5) guests per day at the pool facilities.
  • All pools are open for recreation use, although the lap pools are designed for lap swimmers. Please do not hand on the lane lines or swim across in front of the lap swimmers. 
  • Foam noodles are NOT allowed in the resort pool or the lap pool unless they are used with a specific conditioning class with an instructor. The foam breaks apart and gets caught in the circulation system.
  • Plastic blow-up toys, life rings, baby boats, and floating apparatus are not allowed. The only flotation devices that may be used are U.S. Coast Guard-approved with the Coast Guard approved seal on the device. “Water Wings” or “Swimmies” are called Puddle Jumpers and are US Coast Guard Approved. You may buy them from places like Amazon or Target.
  • For safety reasons, only the following water toys are permitted at any of the pool facilities: Blow up beach balls, diving rings, and similar diving toys, plastic masks, and goggles.
  • Disposable diapers are NOT allowed (even with the rubber pants) as they break apart and form a film on the pool water surface. Swim diapers are allowed provided they are worn with plastic pants. 
  • Alcoholic beverages, glass, pets, smoking, bicycles, roller-skates/blades and skateboards, and portable BBQs are NOT permitted.

Swimming Pools Are For People, Not Dogs

  • The swimming pools are maintained for the pleasure and enjoyment of all residents. However, this does not include the residents’ dogs. County health codes forbid pets in community pools. County inspections are random and unannounced, and when the inspectors discover a violation, both the dog owner and the association may receive citations. If you know of residents who are bringing their dogs into the pool, please let Talega staff know immediately.

Pool Gatherings

  • Pool gatherings are permitted only at the TSAC clubhouse location and require an approved completed application, provided below.
  • Click HERE to view the Pool Gathering Application.
  • They can be scheduled Monday – Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM with a 24 guest maximum.
  • For questions on reservations and/or the application, please contact or (949) 361-8466

Swim Lessons & Swim Instructor Policy

Click HERE to view Approved Talega Swim Instructors

Click HERE to view the Swim Agreement

At this moment, Talega is currently maxed out with approved Swim Instructors. We are currently not accepting additional applications for instructors.

Once authorized and approved, swim lessons may be provided to TALEGA RESIDENTS ONLY and may only take place at the Talega Clubhouse pools. Swim lessons are not permitted at the Saluda and Tierra Grande Pools. Only the Talega Tiger Sharks will have permission to continue the swim team at Saluda.

Each authorized instructor will have their picture posted at the gate so that all homeowners know who is allowed to be instructing. All others will be asked to discontinue the instruction and/or to apply for authorization if they wish to continue teaching. Approved contracts are good for a one-year calendar term.

In order for a person to apply to become an authorized instructor at the Talega pools, they must be requested by at least one homeowner of Talega; this information is requested on page 5 of the contract.  

Additional stipulations can be found on the attached Application and Agreement for Instructional Services and Use of Facilities. Please return this packet to the Talega Swim and Athletic Club or via email to

Homeowners that have a “friend” or “relative” teaching swimming to them at No Charge, must sign “Exhibit B,” the Participant Waiver, Release, and Assumption of Risk Agreement. This should be carried with them during all instructional times.

Should you have any questions regarding the policy, please contact the Talega Swim & Athletic Club at (949) 361-8466.

Talega Courts

  • Sports Court 
    • The Sports Court is designed to include Tennis, Pickleball, and Basketball.
    • You may only reserve a time slot a maximum of 3 days in advance. One time slot per day. A maximum of 2 hours.
    • All Sports Courts in Talega can be reserved through Court Reserve.
    • The Sports Court features the latest and greatest LED lights and is open from 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM. The light switch is located on the center light pole nearest to the Clubhouse, on the outside of the court.
    • Balls and rackets are not provided. You must bring your own.
    • Pickleball players are responsible to pull out the portable net (located on the side of the court), set it up, and put it back in its original place when their game is over.
  • Sand Volleyball Court 
    • You may only reserve a time slot 3 days in advance. One time slot per day. A maximum of 2 hours.
    • The Sand Volleyball Court is lighted and is open from 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM. The light switch is located on the first left light pole when you walk onto the sand, coming from the Clubhouse.
    • If you move furnishings into the sand please return them to their appropriate place upon departure.
    • Volleyballs are not provided. You must bring your own.

For information on Amenity Reservations, click here.