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Updated Architectural Guidelines May 2024

Our board has approved this new revision of our architectural guidelines which can be downloaded by clicking here [Architectural Guidelines May 2024]

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As part of our ongoing commitment to convenience and innovation, our digital tool will streamline the paint selection process when it comes time to repaint your home. Through a user-friendly online paint selection tool, Talega homeowners can access a wide range of paint schemes and visualize them digitally on the Sherwin Williams website from the comfort of home, or even by phone!


Click the link below to visit the Sherwin Williams website.

  1. Select your community from the drop-down menu at the top (CA – San Clemente – Community Name i.e. Careyes, Seaside, etc.)
  2. Browse the paint selections at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click HERE to complete your architectural application.
  4. Follow the process below to submit your paint application. If you have any questions please contact

If you want to repaint your home with the original paint color (like-for-like), then approval is not necessary. To find the original paint schemes, please view the options within Sherwin Williams Paint List under your specific neighborhood and utilize the schemes beginning with “Original Scheme”.

Downloadable Paint Process Forms

Requirements in Application Submittal

Q: I want to paint my house. Why do I need to submit pictures of neighboring properties?
A: The Design Review Committee will review the proposed scheme to ensure it is suitable for the home style and review it against the paint schemes on the neighboring properties. Be sure to include clear color photos of the entire front view of the subject property and all neighboring properties with the plan submittal.

Q: I received approval to paint the exterior of my home. I’d like to paint the block wall in the front (side or back) yard to match the body color of the home. Am I able to do this?
A; When submitting plans and receiving approval to paint the exterior portion of the home, the approval is only for the structure. If you are interested in painting the block wall in the front (side or back) of the home, the proposal must be indicated within your plan submittal and reviewed and approved by the Design Review Committee prior to painting.

Note: There are specific colors that shall be used on shared property line walls throughout Talega to provide color continuity.


The purpose of these Architectural Guidelines is to preserve and improve the physical character as established by the initial development of the community of Talega. The intent is to give specific design criteria to Owners for subsequent improvements after the completion of original construction. The Design Review Committee will generally require owners to comply with the Architectural Guidelines, however, depending upon circumstances, the Design Review Committee may approve an owner’s proposal that does
not strictly conform to those Guidelines if the Design Review Committee determines that the purposes of the Guidelines would still be achieved in a particular instance without requiring strict conformance to the Architectural Guidelines. To view more information about the purpose of the Architectural Guidelines, please click HERE.

Downloadable Architectural Files

The following chart provides a list of submission types that determine whether they can be reviewed over the counter (OTC) by Management or if review by the DRC is required: 

Type of SubmissionOTCDRC
Air conditioner and heat pump replacement   
Artificial Turf like-for-like   
Solar Energy Systems   
Exterior Painting   
Window Replacement   
Sporting Equipment/Structures   
Shade Structures/Fixed Outdoor Structures   
Pools, Spas and Water Features   
Landscape / Hardscape   
New Home Additions, Remodels, Exterior Modifications   
Fences / Gates   


Solar Files

What if I don’t have neighbors behind me or next to me to sign the Neighbor Statement?

If you don’t have neighbors behind you or next to you, you don’t need a signature. If you cannot reach your neighbors, simply write that into the form.

What type of restrictions are there for the installation of a powerwall?

The restrictions for the installation of a powerwall for solar panels is that they may only be installed inside the garage.

What type of information do I need to request from my solar company for my application?

You will need to request the following from your solar company for your application:

  • The HOA agreement signed by them
  • Data sheets on the solar panels, conduits and mounting system 
  • Overview roof map and location of panels showing a compass for orientation of home 

When will I get an answer back about my application?
You can expect to get an answer back from the Design Review Committee about your application within 45 days or sooner.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioners may be installed subject to prior written approval from the TMC. Any such equipment shall be screened from view from adjoining residences and streets. To view more information about air conditioning, please click HERE.

What are the guidelines regarding air conditioners?
Air conditioners may be installed subject to prior written approval from the Talega Maintenance Corporation. Any such equipment shall be screened from view from adjoining residences and streets.

What do I need to submit when I want to install a new air conditioner?
When you install a new air conditioner, you will need to fill out and submit the Architectural Application Packet HERE.

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf may be used in front, rear and side yards according to the following conditions listed HERE. Artificial turf must be approved prior to installation by TMC.

Requirements in Application Submittal

Can I put artificial turf in the parkway?

Yes, you can put artificial turf in the parkway, but make sure it is located on your plans.

Is there a fee for submitting for turf?

No, there is no fee for submitting for turf. The review is done “over the counter” by Management.

How soon can I find out if I’m approved for artificial turf?

You will find out if you are approved for artificial turf within 24 – 48 hours.

Window & Door Replacement

Window and door frames shall match the existing design of the community home style. To view more information about window and door replacement, please click HERE.

Window & Door Replacement Files

Requirements in Application Submittal

  • Indicate whether you are retrofitting 
  • Plans showing where windows are being replaced 
  • Specifications of windows/door such as dimensions and materials 
  • Photos of home where new windows/door will go

What does retrofit windows mean?

Retrofitting windows is the process of installing new windows into an existing window frame or opening, without removing the entire frame. This process allows for the replacement of old, inefficient windows with new ones, without the need for extensive renovation or reconstruction work. The new windows are fitted into the existing frame, which is often a cost-effective solution for homeowners who want to improve energy efficiency, noise reduction, or simply upgrade the look of their home.

Do I have to pay a review fee to replace a few windows?

If your windows are being replaced with the same exact frames and in the same location, then it is a complimentary review. If the windows are removed, relocated or expanded to a unique design then they will incur a $275 review fee.

Neighbor Awareness

Neighbor Awareness:
It is the intent of the DRC that the Owner’s neighbors be notified of any improvements which may impact the use and enjoyment of the neighbor’s property. To view more information about neighbor awareness, please click HERE.

Q: I signed the Neighbor Statement prior to my neighbor submitting the proposed plans; however, I didn’t approve of X.
A: The Neighbor Statement is used to inform impacted neighbors of proposed modifications on neighboring properties. It is not used to obtain approval for proposed modifications. The Design Review Committee reviews proposed plans based on the Architectural Guidelines of the community,

Q: My neighbors won’t see the proposed modifications that I am making to my home. Do they have to sign the Neighbor Statement?
A: The Neighbor Statement is utilized to inform neighbors of all proposed visual modifications to the property and any noise that may be a result of the proposed modifications. It is best practice to make every attempt to reach your neighbors to inform them of the proposed modifications.

Q: I have attempted to reach my neighbor(s) multiple times to have him/her/them sign the Neighbor Statement; however, they never answer the door or aren’t home. I don’t want to miss the submittal deadline, what should I do?
A: Article 3.4.2 of the CC&R’s indicates, “Applications will be complete even if all of the Adjacent Owners do not initial the applications so long as the Applicant certifies that the Applicant requested that the Adjacent Owners sign the applications”. It is best practice to make every attempt to reach your neighbors to inform them of the proposed modifications.

Q: I don’t have a neighbor to my right (left, across the street, or behind me). Who should I have sign the Neighbor Statement?
A: If you do not have a neighbor to your right (left, across the street, or behind you), indicate this within the appropriate box on the Neighbor Statement. For example, depending on how the subject property is situated, you may consider including, “No Neighbor – park”, “No Neighbor – common area slope”, etc. on the document. It is best to consider which homeowners around you may be most affected by the proposed improvements you are requesting.

Plan Submittals, Revisions & Denials

To view more information about plan submittals, revisions & denials, please click HERE.

Q: When am I required to submit plans?
A: Proposed plans are required for all modifications affecting the exterior appearance of the home. This includes both major and minor modifications including any structural, landscape, and hardscape changes to the front, rear and side yards. Modifications to the interior portion of the home that do not affect the exterior appearance do not require a plan submittal.

Q: Why do I need to submit three copies of my proposed plans?
A: Applications are to be submitted digitally to Please include all attachments, including photographs, in one email with your address in the subject line. Three copies are only needed if you are submitting your plans hardcopy. Three copies of the proposed plans are needed as one is kept on file with the HOA and the other two are stamped and returned to the homeowner (one for the homeowner’s records and the other for the City of San Clemente as wet-stamped copies are needed to pull any necessary permits).

Q: Where do I submit my plans?
A: Applications are to be submitted digitally to Please include all attachments, including photographs, in one email with your address in the subject line.

Plan Revisions

Q: What if my plans were approved (or conditionally approved) a few months ago but I’ve decided to make changes to my plan?
A: Please contact our Architectural Review Coordinator immediately.

Plan Denials

Q: What should I do if my plans were denied?
A: Review the reasons for the denial indicated in the letter provided by the Design Review Committee. Make modifications to the plan based on the feedback received and resubmit plans by the date indicated in the denial letter. You can also appeal to the board. You can contact us to request an Appeal to the Board form.

Design Review Meetings

The Design Review Committee meets once a month to review all plan submittals. Click HERE for submittal deadlines and DRC meeting dates:

Make sure that your plan submittal is as complete as possible when the Design Review Committee reviews it. Review the Architectural Guidelines, found in the HERE and incorporate the requirements based on the proposed improvements. Also, review the checklist in your submittal packet to ensure the necessary documents are included for a thorough review.