• Talega residents should turn off their bills by their move-out date (utilities, trash, paper).
  • Talega residents should make sure they have paid all of their HOA dues in escrow.
  • Talega residents who are set up on AutoPay should stop that service with their bank/credit card.
  • Talega residents should leave their Pool Access Key Fobs and Gate Transponders for the next homeowners/tenants and advise the next homeowners to stop by the Talega Swim & Athletic Club located at 100 Calle Altea to register the equipment in their name.
  • Any requests for PODs and large trash pins require authorization which can be handled through Michelle Shields. Please email
Change of Address:
  • Post Office
  • Tax Agencies
  • Social Security Administration
  • Gas and Electric
  • Phone, Cable & Internet
  • Home or Renter’s Insurance
  • Your employer
  • Bank or Credit Card Company
  • Loan providers
  • Insurance providers
  • Magazines & subscription services
  • Other utilities
  • Other financial agencies
  • Clubs & organizations
  • Individual Service Providers
  • DMV
Moving Out Timeline:

Local Movers:

Coast Valley Moving Storage

Orange County South Moving

Student Movers

Mercy Movers

National Movers:


North American Moving Services

Colonial Van Lines

National Van Lines

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