Welcome to the Talega Swim & Athletic Club!

Need a tennis court? Planning a reception, birthday party, or intimate baby shower? Talega homeowners can make their reservations for the TSAC tennis court and events rooms here.

Talega Swim and Athletic Club has two rooms available:

  • Club Room [CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE] Can accommodate up to 60 people, offering a sitting room with fireplace, a TV room, and a catering kitchen facility.  This room is only available during the evening hours.  
  • Terrace Room[CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE] Can accommodate up to 32 people. Typically, this room holds all of Talega’s programs.  This room is available to rent for non-profit meetings and parties.

Reservation and applications may be made by the homeowner, at the TSAC Clubhouse, Monday-Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Please contact Marcy at (949) 361-8466 ext 102 or Lifestyle@talegatoday.com for more information and pricing. Three weeks’ notice with a completed application and payment required.

Talega Swim and Athletic Club Sports Courts:

You may leave a voicemail with the TSAC after office hours, requesting a date and time and it will be reviewed first thing the next morning. Please make sure to leave a name and call back number.

RESERVATIONS UPDATE: Starting February 1st, Phone call reservations will no longer be needed for the Tennis Court and Volleyball Court. Reservations will be taken online through the Homeowner Portal. Click on “Amenities” on the dashboard or “Services” in the menu to access the reservation system. The times appear in 30-minute increments. The times shown are the times available. Please make sure to read the details and amenity information before booking your time. The player’s phone number and email must be provided in the notes in order for your request to be valid. You are making a reservation request and this does not guarantee your time slot. Your time slot is not confirmed until you receive an email response with your Request Approval.

COVID UPDATE: All courts are currently available for you to use at your own risk. Please practice social distancing and wear a mask when you are not playing. No more than 4 players are allowed at this time, and/or any social gatherings. Please do not visit the facility if you are feeling sick or unwell for the safety of others.

  • Tennis – The lighted Tennis Court is available to use from 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM. 
    • You may only reserve a time slot 3 days in advance. 1 time slot per day.
    • The TSAC Office only makes reservations for the tennis court at the Talega Swim and Athletic Club. Reservations cannot be made for the Liberty Park tennis court. Liberty Park is managed by the city of San Clemente.
    • Singles can only reserve for a maximum of an hour and a half and Doubles can only reserve for a maximum of 2 hours. Management coincides with the honor system. Please pursue your commitment when reserving for singles or doubles. Please do not capitalize on reserving for doubles, when there are only 2 parties, to obtain an extra 30 minutes.
    • The Tennis Court features the latest and greatest LED lights and is open until 10:00 PM. The light switch is located on the center light pole nearest to the Clubhouse, on the outside of the court.
  • Sand Volleyball Court – The lighted Sand Volleyball Court is available to use from 6:00 am – 10:00 pm.
    • You may only reserve a time slot 3 days in advance. 1 time slot per day.
    • You may reserve the court for a maximum of 2 hours.
    • If you move furnishings into the sand please return them to their appropriate place upon departure.