Cristianitos Trail Update 

The litigation by Talega Maintenance Corporation (“TMC”) against the Developer (then Standard Pacific—now Lennar Homes) for the damages to the Cristianitos Trail behind the easternmost homes in Miraleste and Farralon Ridge and two storm water drainage structures within Talega has settled. Although settlement terms were reached several years ago as among all parties involved, the litigation could not be finalized until the following issues were resolved: 1. Approval by the County of Orange of a modified Regional Trail Plan sufficient to allow the County to accept the easement over the Regional Trails, and assume maintenance obligations therefore; 2. The necessary transfer of title or obtaining recorded easements over properties burdened by the modified Regional Trail – which includes at least one parcel now owned by a third party; 3. Transfer of certain properties to the City of San Clemente, which are burdened by or adjacent to the modified Regional Trail, in order to either obtain necessary easements or ensure continuity of the trail, as applicable; 4. Release of the existing recorded easements over trail portions which will no longer be part of the Regional Trail, as modified, which include the portion of the trail behind the easternmost homes in Miraleste and Farralon Ridge neighborhoods. Because the trail was burdened by an irrevocable easement in favor of the County of Orange (as part of the original contemplated Regional Trail Plan), the substantial repairs planned could not be performed until those portions of the trail were released from the easement. The County has accepted the modified Regional Trail that runs along La Pata and has released all claims and easements over the Cristianitos trail section. With the trail ownership-easement finalized, Talega immediately installed vehicle barriers at the top and bottom of the Cristianitos trail segment that runs behind the homes in the Miraleste and Farralon Ridge neighborhoods to deter unauthorized motorcycles, golf carts and automobiles from accessing the trail. Signage has been added and reflective tape has been placed on the gates to increase visibility during low-light conditions. Permanent repair plans are currently being finalized and necessary drainage easements secured so the work can be bid during the fall/winter season so the anticipated work can begin summer 2024. Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this process. It is the community’s shared responsibility to preserve and protect the environment that makes Talega so unique. The culmination of years of effort and the recent enhancements underscore the Board’s commitment to preserving and improving Talega. Updates on this project will be provided through the usual communication channels of emails (only if you are signed up) website and newsletter. Please contact Brian Taylor, Executive Director at (949) 361-8466 or with any additional questions.