San Clemente Drone Law Update
Controlling Pests or Nature’s critters



Gophers are serious and difficult to control. They destroy vegetation, wiring and create safety hazards. Read the attached documents to learn more about these pesky critters.

gophers.pg1.pdf       gophers.pg2.pdf





Making Water Conservation a California way of Life
Mosquito Control
The migration of the West Nile virus to Orange County over the last few years may be cause for concern for some living in Talega. Rest assured, Talega has always taken a proactive approach when it comes …
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Please do not drain the pool into the storm drain system. By draining the pool into the storm drain, the system over loads the retention basins with the water draining to the ocean. Please contact the …
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Talega Pool News
Pool Use Reminders As you gather family and friends for a fun-filled day at the pool, remember that each residence is permitted a maximum of five (5) guests per day at the pool facilities. All pools are …

California Fish and Game and the Humane Society have developed some information to help  inform you about coyotes.

Storm Drains are for rain not fertilizer
More than 150,00 times each month, lawns and gardens throughout Orange County are over watered. This can cause fertilizers and pesticides on grass and plants to flow into storm drains and to the ocean …
How to ID homeowner overwatering?
How To Identify Homeowner Overwatering   Turn off the sprinkler timer and landscape gate valve.   Wait a few days until the street curb weep hole stops draining.   Turn the landscape …
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Spittle Bugs
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