Talega Landscape Update

Dear Talega Residents,

As of April 24, 2023, the use of herbicides within the Talega community has been temporarily suspended. This decision reflects the Board of Director’s commitment to thoroughly evaluate and explore alternative strategies for herbicide/pesticide use and practices.

To facilitate this process, the Board has established an Herbicide Use Ad Hoc Advisory Committee, and invites interested homeowners to volunteer for this important endeavor. If you have a desire to contribute to this initiative and help shape the future of herbicide use within Talega, please click HERE to learn more, or visit talegatoday.com/volunteer.

Mitigating Weed Growth in the Interim

During this transitional period, you may observe increased weed growth within the community. We understand that this may raise concerns and would like to assure you that proactive measures are being taken to address the issue as efficiently as possible, within the allocated budget.

To minimize the impact of increased weeds during this time, Talega Maintenance Corporation has temporarily reallocated specific landscape crews. Rather than the previous weekly mowing schedule, the crews will now mow every other week. This adjustment allows for additional manpower to be reallocated to the manual picking of weeds, working in collaboration with the regular weeding crews.

We acknowledge that the manual weeding process requires more time and labor. Nevertheless, it is a necessary step to maintain the aesthetics of our community while we explore alternative strategies for weed control. We understand the significance of upholding a well-maintained community, and we value your understanding and patience as we navigate through this period of transition.

A Shared Commitment to the Talega Community

The Talega Board of Directors maintains an ongoing commitment to the well-being and appearance of our community. We greatly appreciate the cooperation and support of all homeowners as we strive to maintain and enhance a sustainable and visually appealing community. Your feedback and questions are invaluable to us. We encourage you to reach out to the Association with any concerns or ideas you may have. Together, we can create an environment that meets the needs and preferences of the community at large, while promoting the health and beauty of our community.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this transitional period.

For all questions and concerns, please contact TALEGA@ciramail.com