Talega Volunteer Opportunities

Community is about togetherness, and what better way to bring the community together than to get involved! We are currently seeking dedicated and passionate homeowners to join our Enforcement Committee, Design Review Committee, and serve as Delegates. Whether you’re a seasoned community member or new to the area, we welcome your unique perspective and ideas. We welcome you to learn more about each committee below and consider joining us in building a stronger, more vibrant community!


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Budget & Finance Committee

More on Budget & Finance Committee

The Budget & Finance Committee serves to advise the TMC Board of Directors in developing and monitoring the annual budget. Closely monitoring market trends, they aid in creating fiscally sound plans that reflect the priorities of the TMC Board. If you are interested in the Budget & Finance Committee, please email Talega@ciramail.com.

Landscape Committee

More on the Landscape Committee

The Landscape Committee assists the TMC Board of Directors in preserving and enhancing the physical landscape in the community. The committee also aids in ensuring consistent maintenance of all landscaping. If you are interested in the Landscape Committee, please email Talega@ciramail.com.

Design & Review Committee

More on the Design & Review Committee

The Design & Review Committee overlook Homeowner submitted architectural revisions. Following the Architectural Guidelines, the committee supports the Board of Directors in maintaining an aesthetically harmonious community. If you are interested in the Design & Review Committee, please email Talega@ciramail.com.

Enforcement Committee – Currently seeking one (1) volunteers!

Hey Talega Homeowners!

What’s the easiest way to give back, improve our beautiful community and make a difference? Join a committee!

If you have a passion for the community and want to spend time with fellow homeowners on helpful initiatives each month, please consider applying for our Enforcement Committee.

Committee Details:

· Meets are once per month for 1-2 hours every first Wednesday of the month. Additionally allow 1-2 hours to study the Agenda provided between Friday and Wednesday before the meeting

· Reviews violations and helps conduct hearings with homeowners

· Provides guidance on important homeowner matters in accordance with CC&Rs

Every committee member has an important role in building a great community.

Join Talega’s Enforcement Committee and be a part of making a difference.

If you have additional questions or would like to apply, please contact Michelle Shields at (949) 361-8466 or TALEGA@ciramail.com.

More on the Enforcement Committee

The Enforcement Committee reviews Homeowners violations and provides guidance to the Board of Directors in Homeowners hearings in accordance with TMC’s Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions. If you are interested in joining the Enforcement Committee, please reach out to TALEGA@ciramail.com.

Event Committee

More on the Event Committee

The Event Committee gathers input and feedback from residents regarding community events. The committee provides recommendations to the TLC Board of Directors for betterment of community events and lifestyle. If you are interested in the Event Committee, please email Talegalac@ciramail.com.

NEW – Herbicide Use Ad Hoc Advisory Committee

Currently Seeking Volunteers!

More on the Herbicide Use Ad Hoc Advisory Committee

The Talega Herbicide Use Ad Hoc Advisory Committee was chartered by the Board of Directors on May 9, 2023. The Committee will consist of members with the desire to thoroughly evaluate and explore the use of herbicide use and practices within Talega and feasibility of alternative strategies for herbicide/pesticide use.

Please click HERE to learn more.

If you are interested in the Herbicide Use Ad Hoc Advisory Committee, please email Talega@ciramail.com.

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In addition to the Committees listed above, there are also opportunities to volunteer as a Neighborhood Delegate!

Talega has more than 11,000 residents, spread across 37 unique neighborhoods. Neighborhood Delegates assist with the governance of this large master planned community to ensure that every member is properly represented

If you…

  • Care about your community and want to make a meaningful contribution.
  • Are actively engaged with your neighbors, observant, respectful, and a good listener.
  • Can be a positive voice for the community, can relay perspectives on matters that are relevant to the membership, and can solicit feedback when requested by TMC or its Board of Directors…
  • We would like you to consider becoming a Neighborhood Delegate!

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