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RE: Community Beautification Project

Dear Talega Maintenance Corporation Homeowners,

As our homes mature, we must work together to ensure property values remain high by keeping the Talega Community an attractive and premier community in San Clemente. An important element is maintaining our homes to the level of standards we all agreed upon when purchasing our homes. In this spirit, we have decided to launch a Community Beautification Project to identify exterior maintenance improvements that need to be performed to achieve this goal.

Over the next few months, regular reviews will be conducted throughout the community to specifically consider the condition of the following on your home:

Exterior Paint – All homeowners are to keep the overall condition of stucco, trim, fences, planter walls, gates, shutters, front doors, and garage doors free from fading and peeling. Don’t forget, you still must submit painting plans for approval even with pre-approved schemes. Color Schemes are designed to be applied in their entirety. Do not “pick and choose” colors without prior approval from the Design Review Committee.

Cobwebs, Mildew and Stains – All homeowners are to keep the areas around chimneys, below windows, eaves, and the base of the home adjacent to landscaping clean and free of unreasonable debris. Check into power washing your home’s exterior. You can rent specialty equipment or hire a professional. See if your neighbors are interested and inquire about group discount pricing.

Front Yard Landscaping – All homeowners are to maintain all grass/lawn/artificial turf, flower beds (all should have 100% coverage), replace all dead plants, trimming of trees, and weeding. Make sure all sidewalk and street cracks are regularly maintained. Don’t forget, you will need to apply for any modifications that you would like to do in the front and/or back yard that deviate from the Landscape Plans that were approved by the Design Review Committee. The Association has a list of prohibited and recommended plants for your use.

Decorative Rocks: Must be approved by the Design Review Committee     

Artificial Turf: Must be approved by the Design Review Committee

House Numbers – All homeowners House Numbers are to be in working, lighted condition, free of fading and peeling. If you cannot find the parts to repair your address fixture, you can replace it with like types. To change the design, you must submit through the Design Review Committee.

Hardscape Features – All driveways and entry walkways are to be free of oil stains and large cracks; planter walls and decorative features are upright, not cracked or leaning, and not peeling. In some cases, a deep cleaning or power wash may do the trick, but in other cases, check with an industry professional as several sealants and coatings are available for concrete surfaces, lifted concrete may be shaved down for a cost-effective way to ensure safety.

Decorative Items – Items including but not limited to, light fixtures, flowerpots (potted with plants or flowers), sculptures, statues, lawn ornaments, bird baths are to be well placed and purposefully in keeping with the guidelines of the community and not deemed unharmonious.

Chairs, tables, benches, etc., Too many items can decrease curb appeal. Consider a couple of well-placed and maintained items to show your personal style. Remember, all installed or permanent fixtures do require approval from the Design Review Committee prior to installation.

Wall, Fences, and Gates – No Double Fences are allowed.  New replacement fences should be painted to be compatible with the adjacent house or consistent with existing standard fence color.

Solar Panel – All exterior plumbing lines be painted in a color scheme consistent with the structure and materials adjacent to the pipes (i.e., pipes on walls should be painted the color of the walls while roof plumbing should be painted the color of the roof cables and boxes painted

SDGE boxes rule (the “Green Boxes”) – All vegetation to be at least 8 feet away from the doors and at least 18 inches away from all sides.

Sustainable Parkways – Ensure all approved plants have been installed and are thriving. Please replace if needed. Add a 1” layer of Bark Mulch every spring to areas not covered by plants to freshen the look of the planting bed and ensure 3” is always on soil surface.  This will suppress weeds and retain moisture.

Parkway Trees – The parkway street tree shall have a clear pathway for pedestrians to walk on the sidewalk, clear path on street for trash trucks, street sweepers, and mail trucks. Parkway Street Trees should be maintained so that there is a minimum 8-foot vertical clearance over any street, sidewalk, bikeway, trail or parkway and a minimum 13 foot vertical clearance as measured from the top of the curb (or edge of the street if there is no curb) to any portion of any tree.

If the root of the Parkway Street Tree is too large and nothing grows around the roots, the tree may have to be taken out and replace with the same type. Take notice if your tree trunk is larger than the stakes. If it is, there is a good chance those stakes are no longer necessary and should be removed. Properties will also be reviewed for any missing Parkway Street Trees that have been removed by the homeowner.

At this time, you are asked to look at your home to see if there is any sprucing up that is needed. While several items can easily be corrected with a little bit of elbow grease, others may require a bit more effort and professional assistance.

We want to work with you to set a reasonable time frame for completion of any projects in compliance with the governing documents. As such, if we notice a concern with the exterior of your home, we will notify you via US Mail with photos to better assist in the explanation of the concern.

As a reminder, if you are making exterior changes to your home such as painting, re-landscaping, garage door replacement, etc. you do need to submit an Architectural application prior to making any improvements. Architectural submittal applications are available online through your Association Website.

If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact Michelle Shields at TALEGA@CIRAMAIL.COM

We thank everyone in advance for your efforts to keep Talega beautiful!


Talega Maintenance Corporation