Motorcycles Trespass & Fines

Living in the semi-rural paradise of Talega avails us to an up-close and personal experience with the abundant and beautiful wildlife of Southern California. Motorcycle use on the private and public trail systems throughout Talega has seen a dramatic increase in the last twelve months.

Motorcycles and Dirtbikes are not permitted on any of the trails in Talega or San Clemente due to several factors:

• The potential fire hazard they pose to the environment

• The risk to pedestrian safety as the motorcycles zoom by

• Damage to irrigation and landscape

• Erosion

Motorcycles, Dirtbikes, ATVs and Class 3 eBikes will be fined $500 if found riding on Talega Trails.

Please report all motorcycle activity to San Clemente Police Services (Orange County Sheriff’s Department) at (949) 770-6011.

The other prevalent observation is the construction of forts and treehouses in both the common area landscape and restricted open space. Unfortunately, almost all of these “forts” severely damage the landscape areas and trees in which they are constructed. The nails and screws used to attach boards to the tree trunks contain metals and pathogens that will eventually cause the tree to die. The other things observed in these forts is the trash left behind from food and drink wrappers and even candles and matches. All of the landscaped areas in and around Talega are restricted use private or public property and any such fort and treehouse activity are considered trespassing and vandalism. Please report all trespasses to Talega Management at (949) 361-8466.

The increasing amount of foot traffic on the common area slopes is evidenced by the increasing amount of broken irrigation. The breakage appears to be both accidental and purposeful. TMC spends more than $100,000 annually repairing irrigation pipes and sprinklers broken by people traversing the landscape areas, equating to an approximate cost of $26 per home in direct repair costs.

The harder to quantify indirect costs can be equally as damaging and costly; trampled plants, plants that die because of lack of water due to a broken pipe, water waste, erosion damage.

E-Bikes Rules & Safety:

Class 3 E-Bikes are not permitted on Talega Trails. We ask all experienced riders to please show the rest of Talega how to ride responsibly with an abundance of care and respect for their neighbors and greater community. Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right-of-way and riders ALWAYS have the responsibility to go slow around pedestrians. Please pay attention and abide by the Trails Signs. By choosing to ride a bike on the sidewalks and trails, the rider also assumes a personal liability for their actions. 

A safe and harmonious community is everyone’s responsibility, so please report all illegal motorcycle use and slope trespasses you observe.

Thank you!

– Talega Management