March: Easter Traditions

Tell Talega your Easter Traditions!

Scroll down past the entries and post in the reply / comment section.

It can even be your favorite dish to make, crafts to do, games to play, or anything related to your heritage!

Don’t let COVID stop you from celebrating. Let’s see your creative minds and get some inspiration for Easter 2021!

4 thoughts on “TalegaTalk”

  1. We like to go on family hikes! Spring time has pretty great weather and getting together as a family to go on a hike is something I look forward too! We’re all so busy so setting time aside to get together is amazing.

  2. Before we lived here we visited friends every year who had moved from England a few years before us for Easter
    We had never been to an Easter egg hunt before and the children loved it so much we took all the plastic eggs back to England and had a late egg hunt
    Now we have our own in our nice big garden
    So glad it’s not in the snow and rain

  3. On my dad’s side of the family it was tradition for my grandfather to host a day when all of us grandchildren (15 at the time) would come over to his house to make Italian Easter Bread. Even though it may be called a bread we referred to it as a cookie. You make the traditional hard boiled dyed egg that goes in the center of your dough. Once fully baked and it cools slightly you spread icing over and RAINBOW SPRINKLES!!!! I think that was our favorite part. The sprinkles didn’t just go on the cookies. They went everywhere. Now that I think of it maybe that is why he set us up outside. Easier clean-up.

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