February: Best Valentine’s Day Ideas

Tell Talega your best At-Home Valentine’s Day Idea to enter into a random drawing to win a $25 Target Gift Card!

Scroll down past the entries and post in the reply / comment section.

It can even be a GALentines activity, best friend appreciation gift, or fun date ideas!

Don’t let COVID stop you from celebrating your love. Let’s see your creative minds and get some inspiration for 2021!

Submission Deadline to win prize: Friday, February 12th at 12PM

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  1. For a fun and social distanced GALentines day – have a zoom call wine night! Dress up (or be comfy and wear pajamas) maybe do a skincare facemask and hang out! (I’ve played games via zoom and it can be fun too!

  2. Bring a bottle of champagne into the backyard at sunset. Lay in your lounge chairs and take turns sharing words of affirmation for your significant other.

  3. Create an at home pizza making experience and fondue for you and your significant other or enjoy with the kids! Or host a picnic in the park at dusk 💕

  4. Order in or cook your favorite foods for dinner. Bake a large heart-shaped cake or chocolate chip cookie with red M&M’s or other valentine themed sprinkles (family activity) for dessert. Bring out a bottle of your favorite red or white wine (red juice for the under 21 crowd) and watch your favorite love story. Everybody has to wear something red or pink.

    This heart-night recipe is good for any age or sex of couple.

  5. For Valentine’s Day we exchange Forever Cards: cards we save for every holiday during the year and we give them to each other again every year with an added written note. I make a nice dinner with champagne for starters, prime filet mignon from Costco, with baked potatoes and asparagus. We have chocolate souffles for dessert around our fire pit with red wine and blankets and cuddle up on our loveseat on the patio. We check out the constellations with the SkyView app on our phone.

  6. I named a star after my husband (international star registry) and I bought him a telescope with the coordinates pre-programed in the telescope, so he could always find it. My twin girls will join in and we will make him a nice steak dinner with a strawberry heart chocolate tart. We eat at sunset and then for the “surprise” as soon as the lights go out! p.s. another “surprise” as soon as the twins go to bed.
    ; ) xoxoxoxoxo

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